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A leading manufacturer of Kalamein doors and Hollow Metal Frames since 1968, with a solid reputation for reliable and reputable workmanship and service. Altype Fire Door Corporation is the perfect blend of hands on service and quality manufacturer you are looking for. No middle men simply stocking and reworking metal frames, we truly manufacture our bucks from the highest quality of steel available on the market.


Our companies currently supply doors for the New York City Housing Authority, major construction companies, lumber yards, and general contractors. We offer installation of all our doors, and in addition to our door manufacturing we perform superb locksmithing work with in the New York metropolitan areas.


We carry a large selection of pre-hung entrance doors in stock.


Any hinge location, any throat size or jamb widith can be made in a few short days through our QSP.


Ask us about our Quick Ship Program (QSP), which will revolutionize your lead times. If you have a non-standard throat size or an odd hinge location let us know and we can accomodate you easily. Call us at (718) 292-3500.



We offer professional locksmithing work for all of our metro-area customers. In addition, our installation customers can receive a 10% discount on future locksmithing work.


Landlords and Property managers need to simple fill out our locksmithing measuring ticket and we will provide them with a free estimate. Or call our office at (212) 996-1590.



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